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Anti-reflective glass

Placing an artwork behind glass can cause two problems.

1. The inherent colour of the glass can act as a filter, like looking through green tinted glasses.

2. The surface of the glass can cause reflections detrimental to the viewer's experience.

The artwork pictured is being tested with a piece of premium float over the left side, and a piece of AR (anti-reflective) glass over the right but only down as far as the woman's chin. The results are clear to see.

We work with all of the types of glass listed below. For bulk orders of cut glass please see trade services.

Premium float glass
(picture glass)
2mm thick
40% UV control
8% reflection
colour reproduction - good
Ultra-violet control
(UV glass)
2.5mm thick
99% UV blocking
8% reflection
colour reproduction - good
(AR glass)
2mm thick
70% UV blocking
< 1% reflection
colour reproduction - excellent
Anti-reflective & ultra-violet control
(AR UV or museum glass)

2.5mm thick
98% UV blocking
< 1% reflection
colour reproduction - excellent
Also available in 4.4mm laminated

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