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The artists listed on this page all have a connection with Cornwall.

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    Artists are listed alphabetically by surname.


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Jeremy Annear
Annear, Jeremy


Ray Atkins
Atkins, Ray


Simon Averill
Averill, Simon


Bennett, Alan

Margie Bickford-Smith
Bickford-Smith, Margie

Judy Buxton
Buxton, Judy

Zoe Cameron
Cameron, Zoe

Neil Canning
Canning, Neil

George Dannat
Dannatt, George

Michael Donnelly
Donnelly, Michael

Catherine Forshall
Forshall, Catherine

Naomi Frears
Frears, Naomi

Catherine Harvey Jefferson
Harvey Jefferson, Catherine

Tom Henderson-Smith
Henderson-Smith, Tom

A contemporary artist based in the far west of Cornwall

Mike Hindle
Hindle, Mike

Heather Howe
Howe, Heather

Tony Howel
Howell, Tony

Professional Landscape and Flower, Plant and Tree Photography

Delpha Hudson
Hudson, Delpha

Sax Impey
Impey, Sax

Bernard Irwin
Irwin, Bernard

Roger Jardine
Jardine, Roger

Barbara Karn
Karn, Barbara

John Keys
Keys, John

Alasdair Lindsay
Lindsay, Alasdair

Andrew Litten
Litten, Andrew

Trudy Lynn
Lynn, Trudy

Louise McClary
McClary, Louise

Melanie McDonald
McDonald, Melanie

Annie Metcalfe
Metcalfe, Annie

Marilyn Middlemiss
Middlemiss, Marilyn

Fiona Millais
Millais, Fiona

Mark J Nicholls
Nicholls, Mark J

Paul Nicholls
Nicholls, Paul

Based at Mithian near St. Agnes.

Miles Oxenford
Oxenford, Myles

Richard Pearce
Pearce, Richard

Neil Pinket
Pinkett, Neil

Sarah Poland
Poland, Sarah

Simon Pooley
Pooley, Simon

Stephen Prince
Prince, Stephen

A painter inspired by the landscape to create striking abstract paintings in oils

Tom Rickman
Rickman, Tom

Vincent Rymer
Rymer, Vincent

David Shanahan
Shanahan, David

Painting, by its very nature can only allow us a few disjointed, dreams like fragments of another person's reality. There are no explanations, not even for the artist. All we can bring to it are a few slices of time, and the unlimited depths of our imagination.

Alison Sharkey
Sharkey, Alison

Jesse Leroy Smith
Smith, Jesse Leroy

Mark Spray
Spray, Mark

A painter inspired by the landscape creating heavily textured work. 
Oil and mixed media on canvas.

Volker Stox
Stox, Volker

Michael J Strang
Strang, Michael J

Linda Styles
Styles, Linda

Marion Taylor
Taylor, Marion

Chris Thomas
Thomas, Chris

Frankie Webb
Webb, Frankie

Masako Whitehouse
Whitehouse, Masako

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